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Press Contact: {Insert Your Name Here}

TOP PAN-CELTIC GROUP IONA TO APPEAR AT {Venue Name}, {Performance Date}

The Washington, D.C. based band, IONA will bring its singular representation of the greatest Celtic land in the world--America--to {Your Area} on {Performance Date}. Hosted by {Venue Name}, IONA treats its audience to high energy entertainment featuring multiple fiddling styles, dynamic dancing, driving percussion, and strong vocals from all the Celtic nations, including America. Presenting the music and dance of all the Celtic countries--Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Brittany, Asturies and Galicia--IONA emphasizes that America is not only the repository of all these cultural influences, but also the progenitor of many of its own. Audiences are encouraged to clog along, or dance Breton line dances, and join in singing.

Conceived in 1986, IONA has evolved into one of the top rated pan-Celtic groups in the world. Co-founders Barbara Tresidder Ryan (lead vocals, Celtic bouzouki, guitar and bodhrán) and Bernard Argent (wooden flute, whistles, doumbek, back-up vocals) are joined by Air Force Band veteran Jim Queen on fiddle, banjo and vocals, and Chuck Lawhorn on 6-string bass guitar, whistles and vocals. The group has released eleven albums, the most recent of which, Silver, is their 25th anniversary celebration.

{Venue Name}, located at {Venue Address}, is a {Venue Description}. For information about {Venue Name} and reservations for IONA's performance (Performance Date}, call {Venue Phone #} or visit the web site at {Venue URL}. The concert starts at {Performance Time}, and tickets are {Price}. Directions: {Venue Directions}.

For more information about IONA, or to schedule an interview or request the band's most recent album A Silver for review, call Barbara Tresidder Ryan at 703-426-1450, e-mail, and/or visit IONA's website at

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