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Live! at the 333

IONA's first full length concert video.
Special Introductory Price: $15
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picture of the DVD The video was recorded live at the
333 Coffeehouse in Annapolis, MD
on May 18, 2012.
  • 73 minutes
  • No retakes or overdubs.
  • Option to skip the intros and
    listen to just the music.
  • Enjoy the dance as well as
    the sound of IONA
  • English subtitles are available.
Enjoy an IONA show in the comfort of your living room!

Screen shot of Kathleen dancing in front of the band.
Kathleen Larrick out front dancing in fine form.

All of the music has been included in previous IONA recordings
so here we've included links to the liner notes and lyrics.



Tom Rhoads of the 333 Coffee House introduces the concert.


Tail Toddle/Reels

Tail Toddle/The Morning Dew/The Ale is Dear
A bawdy song by Robert Burns leads into two lively Scottish reels with some fine dancing by Kathleen.
Subtitles available
See also Liner Notes & Lyrics

Prisons de Nantes

Pachipi/Dans les Prisons de Nantes/Johnny's Gone to France
A Breton dance tune leads into a 17th century Breton/Gallo song. An Irish reel with a French theme rounds out the track.
Subtitles available
See also Liner Notes & Lyrics


The Trooper and the Fair Maid/Toddy MacPherson's
A rousing Scottish ballad of seduction, impregnation and desertion followed by a lively jig.
See also Liner Notes & Lyrics

Titrwm Tatrwm

Morwnad yr Ehedydd/Titrwm Tatrwm [Pitter Patter] /Abergenni
Two ancient Welsh folk tunes alternate between verses of this song by the 18th century Welsh poet known as "Black David of Snowdon".
Subtitles available
See also Liner Notes & Lyrics

Les Mardis Gras

Les Mardi Gras/Reuben's Train/Le Reel Béatrice
A Cajun song is interspersed with an Appalachian fidle tune and followed by a Québécois reel.
Subtitles available
See also Liner Notes & Lyrics


Volviendo al Valle/Chouteira/Get You a Copper Kettle
A Bolivian tune is followed by a Galician dance and then a well-known song about moonshining.
See also Liner Notes & Lyrics

Auld Trews/Tam Lin

Willie's Auld Trews/Fionnghuala/Tam Lin
A slow march, a "peurt-a-beul" song about Fingal's Bothy that ends with a wild reel and a wild dance.
Subtitles available
See also Liner Notes & Lyrics

Shetland Reels

Shetland Reels: Spootiskerry/Sleep Soond i' da Moarnin'/Faroe Rum/Willafjord
Four well known Shetland tunes, the first played as an Irish hornpipe Kathleen dances to it.
See also Liner Notes

Sheáin Bháin

Sheáin Bháin/Chloë's Passion
A suggestive Irish love song played in jig time and an appropriately titled Scottish slip jig.
Subtitles available
See also Liner Notes & Lyrics

Crested Hens

Les Poules Huppées (Crested Hens)/Demi Tours/Tumbledown
A French bourrée, some Breton hanter dros and an Irish jig. Kathleen performs a modern dance improvisation.
See also Liner Notes

St. Ives Fer Moh

Moirney ny Cainle/Arrane y Guilley Hesheree/St. Ives Fer Moh
Two Manx tunes followed by a Cornish song.
See also Liner Notes & Lyrics

Darby the Driver

Darby the Driver/Seallaibh Curaigh Eoghainn/Haughs of Cromdale/Fiddles on Top/Bonaparte's Retreat
Irish jig, followed by "peurt-a-beul" mouth music, a Scottish jig, strathspey, reel and an Appalachian reel.
Subtitles available
See also Liner Notes & lyrics
14 Credits Editing and Motion Graphics
    Bill Articola
    Bill Articola
    Madelyn Articola
Audio and Live Sound Mixing
    Tom Rhoads
Thanks to
    333 Coffeehouse
    Tom Rhoads
    Amy Ksir
    Unitarian Universalist Church of Annapolis, MD
    Bill Articola
    Bernard Argent

NTSC 16:9 Widescreen Stereo. Total run time: 72 minutes 42 secs

Copyright © 2018 Barnaby Productions, Inc.

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