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The Long's Peak Scottish/Irish Festival

September 7-9, 2001 we performed at America's largest Scottish festival in Estes Park Colorado.

The Band outside in the snow

It snowed 4" while we were playing! And those Coloradans, bless 'em, sat outside on bleachers as long as we played. Thank you!
(And thanks to the motel hot tub for thawing us afterwards.)

So we returned September 6-8, 2002 to play at the 26th Long's Peak Festival .

View of the festival View of the festival
As you can see, the weather was glorious. It is impossible to show the size of this event in a single photo, but this one gives an impression of its stunning setting.

Scott Vail took these performance photos.

Bernard singing Barbara singing
At 8,000 feet it takes more air to sing! But that doesn't bother Barbara.
Bob on tambourine Susan dancing Chuck on bass
Bob on tambourine. Susan performed 50 dances that weekend! Chuck on bass.

After the festival we were able to do some sightseeing.

The band studying a map The Rockies
How many Celtic musicians does it take to read a map? The Rockies.

Our biggest fan was sorry to see us go!
Elk grazing

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