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Booking IONA

Information for presenters

IONA is regularly booked for concerts, festivals, corporate functions, weddings and family parties, and is available to perform just about anywhere, anytime!
Here are some general guidlines:

We cannot perform where smoking is permitted. (Sorry "It's really not very smoky in here" doesn't cut it!)

Accommodation (3 rooms) should normally be provided by any venue that it is more than 120 miles from Washington, DC.

Our dancer is an integral part of IONA's show. Please be sure that the venue has a suitable floor and that the seating permits the audience to see the dancer's feet.

We do need a PA system (see tech rider). If we are driving to the venue, we can bring our own system for an additional fee.

At public events we expect to be able to sell our CDs and other Band merchandise.

Please check our schedule first to be sure we are not already booked.

VA, MD & DC Presenters please note: You may be eligible for supporting funds through the Virginia Commission for the Arts or the Maryland State Arts Council when you book us.
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For more information & bookings
call (202) 258-7602 or email

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